Broccoli, Corn, Shrimp, Gluten Free Fast & Easy

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Starving and don’t have time for any fancy gluten free recipes, but want a delicious fast and easy gluten free meal?

Put some butter and/or oil into a sauce or frying pan. Toss in some frozen or canned corn, frozen shrimp, and fresh broccoli florets.

Squeeze on a sliced lemon or lime. Add salt, pepper. If you want to spice it up super yummy, add some ginger, mustard, and garlic powders.

Stir fry it for about 7 minutes — with a lid when you are not stirring. At the end, you may add some Parmesan cheese, which goes great.

And voila! In 10 minutes, you have a superb and original gluten free meal.

Oil or butter

Ginger powder
Garlic powder
Mustard powder
Parmesan cheese

Kozy Shack Flan Creme Caramel

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Going gluten free does not mean having to give up every yummy thing on earth.

One of my favorite desserts, known by the French as creme caramel, the Spanish call it flan, and we gringos call it custard, whatever you wanna call it, it is usually naturally gluten free.

The flan item pictured here is certified gluten free from Kozy Shack and lives up to my yummy standards. I found it at WholeFoods market. As it is local to California, just look at the ingredients on your local flan products — they should be gluten free by default.

Without questioning the waiter, I often order this gluten free dessert at restaurants.

Gluten Free Poop

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Damsel in the Outhouse

Creative Commons License photo credit: jitze


As bizarre as a topic as this might be to you, your bowel movements are an extremely important part of your life and indicator of your health level.

On a gluten free diet, people with Celiac Disease have regular blissful bowel movements.

When you have Celiac Disease and you don’t know it, you continue to eat gluten-full foods and find yourself regularly constipated (like me), crapping only twice a week, or with diarrea and running like a leaky faucet (like my mom). Once you make the change to gluten free, you crap solid and regularly once or twice a day.

When I was sixteen and having a regular doctor’s checkup, I will never forget when I learned what a bowel movement was. My handsome doctor (who looked like Richard Gere and flirted with my mother in the room) tapped my knees with that rubber triangle thing and laughed at my kicking reflexes. “How are your bowel movements?” He asked me.

“Huh?” I asked. “What are bowel movements?”

I don’t remember what his medical answer was. It surely wasn’t “taking a shit or a crap or a poop,” but somehow he explained to me what bowel movements were in a professional manner. Feces… Excrement… Food that passes through your stomach and intestines to your bowels and then out of your body.

“I don’t know, fine, I guess,” I responded like a typical teenager. If you don’t know why a doctor is asking a question or what is the proper indicator of good health, it is impossible to answer the question with the kind of information a doctor would need to know that something is wrong.

The doctor didn’t probe further, for if he had, he would have found out how irregularly I had bowel movements.

Be aware that irregular or liquid bowel movements are a sign that something is wrong with you; it may not be Celiac Disease, but it is something.


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Gluten Free or Die is a new website dedicated to helping people with chronic stomach pain and an assortment of other problems related to gluten intolerance.

If people call you a hypochondriac because you are always suffering from some bizarre unexplainable ailment like dizziness, migraines, depression, or extreme farting, maybe you have Celiac Disease. (Sounds like I am joking, but I’m not. )

Celiac Disease is common and usually misdiagnosed. It is a genetic auto-immune disease that is triggered by the intake of gluten: wheat, barley, and rye food products, such as pastries, bread, pizza, cookies, cereal, beer, and much more. As hard as it sounds to cut out those things from your diet, life on the other side is so much better; it’s worth it! Through this website, I will show you how such changes can be fun.

For great gluten free recipes and health tips on how to live a happier pain- and stink-free life, check back in one month (July 2009) when this site will be fully up and running.

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to your return.