Pretty Purple Healing Soup

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The Pretty Purple Healing Soup is Organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Vegan.

This soup is good for balancing the hormonal and blood systems, combatting the current situation wherein science and capitalism are destroying what is naturally good for us and seriously endangering our health!

Diabetes, obesity, endometriosis, insulin & blood sugar problems, tumors, cancer, autism, schizophrenia… Shall I go on telling you why being a lab rat for big money food suppliers is no fun?

AVOID the following in mass produced foods: artificial hormones, rBST, rGST, BGH, that cause elevated insulins in animals; animal, birds, fish fats that carry all the bad stuff and pollutants humans have created, pesticides, herbicides, agent orange; genetically modified foods, virus & bacteria purposefully added to the cellular structure of your food to carry genetic changes;  dioxins, chlorine (in your tap water), and so on…

Long list, I know. Your food comes with no warning, so what can you do about it?

One word can help you avoid most those nasty things: select Organic and local foods and products! The more people who reject dangerous altered, poisoned, and processed foods, the cheaper organic and local foods will become, and the further we push out what is dangerous to us and extend the longevity of life on this planet.

The purposeful genetic altering for infertility in plants and animals ultimately means death for all and a cessation of the air (carbon dioxide to oxygen) and weather cycles. What you purchase to eat will determine where this planet goes. Your health, your children, and life on the planet depend on it.

Watch documentary The Future of Foods on for free. Learn about what is happening to you and to the world.

Organic ingredients for the Pretty Purple Healing Soup:

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Freaky Fresh Dip

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This gluten free yummy dip is fast and easy to make, healthy and cheap too!

On a warm day, my gluten free Freaky Fresh Dip tastes so refreshing, like a cool glass of lemonade.

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