The Amazing Grace Breakfast: Eggs and Potatoes

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Your egg-eating sins are forgiven my friends!

An egg study by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that “people who ate two eggs per day, while on a calorie-restricted diet, not only lost weight but also reduced their blood cholesterol levels.” Interestingly, it added that “saturated fat in the diet (most often found in pastry, processed meats, biscuits and cakes) is more responsible for raising blood cholesterol than cholesterol-rich foods, such as eggs.”

Pastries,  biscuits, and cakes are made with white flour, white flour is made from wheat, and wheat is full of gluten!

Oh yes, that is right, foods full of gluten are more responsible for high cholesterol than eggs and other natural foods that are high in cholesterol.

If you want to reduce cholesterol, gas, and stomach pain, don’t cut out the eggs from your breakfast, cut out the toast, doughnuts, pastries, and processed foods!

Eggs might be good for you. Read this Health Diaries list with which I agree about the great qualities of eggs, such as reducing risk of breast cancer, maintaining good eyesight, and improving hair.

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Chronic Inflammation on The Today Show

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This morning on The Today Show they talked to Dr. Keri Peterson about Chronic Inflammation.

I kept waiting for them to bring up Celiac Disease, but they never did. Instead, it was the same kind of misinformation I received every time I went to the doctor for help.

Dr. Peterson talked about CAUSES of Chronic Inflammation being: obesity, depression, stress, and anxiety. These are not causes, they are symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases like Celiac Disease!

Dr. Peterson talked about SYMPTOMS of Chronic Inflammation, that white blood cells are overactive and attack healthy cells; this is a symptom of Celiac Disease and Chronic Inflammation is a symptom from eating gluten.

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Why Doctors and Food Giants Don’t Want You To Know About Gluten & Celiac Disease

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For years and years of going to the doctors suffering terrible abdominal pain and mental function issues, why did not one single doctor ever ask me what I was eating?

Once I figured out what was wrong with me, from reading an article in a health magazine when I was 30 years old, the answer was so obvious: Celiac Disease.

How did no American doctor ever suggest this to me? Why did every single doctor just send me away with some symptomatic relief medicine, that actually did little to relieve me? They all told me I would have to be on medications for life! Medications that had nothing to do with the real problem.

All the while I suffered in America, on a vacation to Italy at the same time of my discovery, I noticed the Italians actually have gluten-free foods in their pharmacies and stocked on the shelves at their grocers back when Americans seemed to know nothing about it. Every casual encounter or question at a restaurant was met with informative answers in Italy; every Italian I spoke with knew what Celiac Disease was, just as every American knows what cancer is.

Why were Americans in the dark about gluten?

The reason why the American medical, health, and major food industries don’t want you to know about the effects of gluten on your body is simple and obvious: money! There is no money in it for them when the solution for Celiac Disease or an intolerance to gluten simply requires a change in your diet. America is a capitalist society where, sadly, money and profit prevail over the education and health of its citizens. Read more