Gluten on Stamps and Envelopes!

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Have a glass of water with your letters and stamps gluten breakfast!

Did you know that gluten is found in some stamps and envelopes, to make ’em gluey and stick? Yeah. Gluten is found in all the strangest places.

There was a funny episode of Seinfeld in Season Seven called “The Invitations” that aired May 1996: Jason Alexander’s character George is due to be married to Susan, but she dies from licking the toxic marriage invitation envelopes.

Don’t lick your envelopes or stamps!

Use a shot glass filled with water, dip your finger, and run your finger along the sealant. Or you can use a damp sponge.


Amy’s Mac-n-Cheese for Folks on the Go

June 8, 2011 by  
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For single adults on the go or parents who don’t have enough time in the day to be cooking healthy meals, Amy’s healthy-minded frozen food products are a great choice.

Today at WholeFoods, I planned on only returning some bottles and getting one bottle of cider, but then I saw one thing… and another thing, so I got a basket. Next thing I knew, my basket was full and an employee suggested some new gluten-free foods in the frozen foods aisle. When it comes to food, I am such a sucker!

Mostly, I make fresh foods now, so I am no longer familiar with all the new frozen food products. Only a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find gluten-free prepared foods. I started making all my own fresh foods out of necessity, not want, and it didn’t occur to me to see what gluten-free frozen food products may have been developed over the years. Honestly, I am still in shock about this big gluten-free movement. I felt very alone in my pain and I marvel at how many other people were privately suffering as well.

Who I met in the frozen foods aisle was a delightful surprise, the founders of Amy’s Kitchen foods, Rachel and Andy.

They had a meeting nearby and stopped in the store to check out a few things. They are actually real people and the story on the box is true. We had a lot of things in common, like living in Petaluma (where I grew up), being gluten-free, and loving Amy’s uncle Bill’s Old Chicago Pizza in Petaluma where my family ate regularly.

Back when I didn’t know I had Celiac Disease, all I knew was that I was physically in a lot of pain, I used to try all sorts of healthy diets, in hopes that something would work to alleviate my pain. Living in Hollywood, I was extremely busy and had a decent salary, so I ate a lot of Amy’s natural and organic frozen food products. My favorites were the vegetable pot pie and mac & cheese. When I found out that it was the gluten making me sick and bonkers, I stopped eating Amy’s products, about six years ago.

Today, I found out from the makers of Amy’s that they too also largely eat gluten-free now, and as a result of that, they have developed a bunch of new gluten-free products.

I knew about Amy’s gluten-free rice crust pizza and bought it frequently. WholeFoods stopped carrying the personal size one, though, and started only carrying the combo dairy-free gluten-free personal pizza for lactose intolerant Celiac Disease sufferers. As I prefer eating real cheese, I started making my own pizzas from scratch at home. If that seems like too much of an endeavor for you, to make your own pizzas, you should try to locate Amy’s gluten free pizzas, which are very tasty.

Rachel, from Amy’s Kitchen, pointed out all their new gluten-free products about which I had no idea. My favorite old mac & cheese that they make, now comes in a rice noodles gluten-free mac & cheese option! So that’s what I had for lunch today and it was sooooo good, just like the old days.

A search on their site comes up with 89 gluten-free prepared foods options! That’s impressive. Other than the one gluten-free pizza, I had no idea. Go check it out. Search gluten-free foods at Amy’s Kitchen:

Amy’s Kitchen specializes in lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, low cholesterol, soy free, dairy free, tree nut free, and low fat. Much of their ingredients are organic and non-GMO (not genetically modified). They have canned foods and frozen meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! Plus, they told me about some new products they are developing in the Yum category, so stay tuned for that.

For frozen foods, Amy’s Kitchen has always been my favorite. Now that I know first hand that they are deeply caring health-conscious real people and that they have so many gluten-free food options, they just got back one of their good old customers, me! And yeah, their gluten-free macaroni & cheese rules.