New Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies

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“You have to try this,” I said to my friend, handing him a gluten free shortbread cookie from Amy’s Kitchen.

I exaggerate not when I tell you that his eyes rolled back in his head and he sighed, “Mmmmm,” which I have never seen him do before.

These airy crumbling shortbread cookies are delicious!

When I go out to a restaurant or buy a grocery prepared food product, I like to spend money on food that I don’t make at home. I want something special.

I have tried to make shortbread cookies myself. A friend’s mother in England sent me her delightful shortbread cookies recipe, but I failed miserably at the attempt to make them. Shortbread cookies take just the exact right amount of each ingredient, which is not my baking style. I am more of a throw-everything-in the bowl kind of chef. I need wiggle room for error or revelation.

Amy’s shortbread cookies are excellently made and affordable.

The ingredients are: organic almond flour, grade AA butter, organic whole grain brown rice flour, and organic evaporated cane juice. They offer classic style shortbread or with almonds or with chocolate chips.

It has probably been a while since you have been able to host a proper English style biscuits and tea party. Put Amy’s Shortbread Cookies on your shopping list, Earl Grey with Bergamot Tea, and round up some of your favorite chums. Your gossip will be greatly fueled.

Gluten Free Tater Tots from Heinz Ore Ida

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I ain’t goin’ to lie folks, I eat shit like Tater Tots and love it. Probably not the healthiest thing, but this site is dedicated primarily to gluten-free eating with a secondary effort at being healthy. Organic and green is better, but let’s shake it up a little, right?

Not all tater tots are created equal. Some actually do have white wheat flour in them, so make sure to read the ingredients on the label.

Ore Ida has kindly gone so far as to include us Celiac folks when considering its new labels with its old fashioned tried and true branding. It now says on their bag, “Gluten Free” near the ingredients. No Trans Fats either.

The gluten-free bag of Ore Ida Tater Tots pictured here is a ginormous 8 pound bag of Tater Tots that you can find cheap at Costco in the frozen section. Tater tots are a nice companion for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — basically, it’s just potatoes and some extra stuff. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

You can prepare the tater tots a number of ways. Today, because I am in a hurry, I put a little butter in the frying pan and heated the frozen taters on low. The least healthy way to cook them is in oil in a frying pan. I find the best flavor and healthiest is to bake them.

Don’t write articles and make lunch at the same time: the house is filling up with smoke and I am burning my taters.