Insalata Caprese The Simple Italian Salad of Tomatoes and Cheese

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On a really hot summer day, one of the easiest, fastest, lightest gluten free meals to prepare is the delicious Italian tomato and cheese salad: Insalata Caprese.

American restaurants like to make the Caprese Salad very big with a lot of small tomatoes (cherry or Roma), fresh basil, and small scoops or cubes of Mozzarella cheese.

When you order this salad in Italy or France, the only way I have ever seen it prepared (and I have ordered it countless times in many places) is with large tomatoes sliced with equally large slices of mozarrella, olive oil, salt, and sometimes basil. Other ingredients may be balsamic vinegar and pepper. That’s it. Very easy, light, and satisfying.

Rarely do I shop for specific ingredients: I almost always prepare meals based on what I have in my refrigerator and cabinets that needs to be eaten before it goes bad.

Pictured here is my version of the gluten free Insalata Caprese, which is similar in presentation to the Italian style Caprese salad.

Slice large and lay out evenly on a plate these ingredients: Organic tomatoes, Ireland Dubliner cheese (because that is what I happened to have in the fridge, which has a cheddar-parmesean taste), and avocado.

Squeeze fresh organic lemon, add a drizzle of olive oil, and some dashes salt and pepper. I also usually include dried basil from my herbs and spices, but of course fresh basil is better if you have it!


Mozzarella tastes best with this salad, but other white cheeses make a nice substitute. I usually don’t have mozzarella on hand because it goes bad quicker than other cheeses, costs more, and has to be kept wet.

GMO (genetically modified) tomatoes tested to give rats ulcers, still they give them to humans. GMO tomatoes are made to endure beatings and look red longer. I strongly encourage you to seek and eat fresh organic tomatoes with their funny shapes and strange colors; they are much healthier and taste better. You can find organic tomatoes at local farmers markets and natural food stores. Me: I have a tomato plant that came with the house, which is very easy to maintain, you just water it; and I also receive Farm Fresh deliveries that sometimes include organic tomatoes.


Gluten Free Deviled Eggs Eyeballs

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For a quick energy fix full of protein, get the party started with these Deviled Eggs Eyeballs. They are so easy to make.

What you need:

  • 6 to 12 eggs
  • Water
  • Cooking pot
  • Lemonaise
  • Blueberries (if you want pupils)

Bring a pot of water to boil. Use a spoon to gentle place each egg in the boiling water. Boil about 13 minutes.

Make sure you are at the lowest boiling temperature so that your eggs are not getting thrown by the forceful bubbles.

Pour out the boiling water. Run cold water over them in the sink. Let the eggs sit in cold water until you can handle them.

Peel the eggs and rinse of any shell pieces.

Slice the eggs down the long way.

Put all the yellow yolks into a bowl.

Put a fork of Lemonaise for every 3 yolks you have.

Mash up the yolks and Lemonaise until it is mostly smooth.

Place all your egg whites on a plate. Using a teaspoon, refill the yolk holes with your Lemonaise mash.

Pictured here, I added a blueberry to each Deviled Egg, which made them look like eyeballs, which I thought was funny. Could be good for theme parties, Halloween, or Horror Movie production snacks.

Takes about 20 minutes to make these, only of which 10 require your work. Enjoy!