Celiac Disease, Gluten, and the Dangers of Kissing

January 12, 2013 by  
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If you have a severe case of Celiac Auto-Immune Disease, keep in mind that kissing can be a danger for you, depending on what your partner has been drinking or eating.

If your make-out buddy has been drinking beer, you can still get a big dose of gluten from French kissing him or her, which may cause blisters on your gums and pain for many days.

By tongue kissing alone, not ingesting the beer yourself, you probably won’t suffer any problems further down in your digestive tract, but your mouth may suffer if you are sensitive. Once you have a wound in your mouth, you are more susceptible to all other illnesses.

If your partner is eating regular wheat white flour bread sandwiches, pizza, cookies, or pastries, there will be particles in his or her mouth, stuck between the teeth and floating around, that may come into your mouth when you kiss.

After your partner eats gluten foods, before kissing, suggest a teeth brushing or mouthwash. Flossing would be ideal, but that’s an awkward conversation that doesn’t go over well early in the dating process. A rinse of water is better than nothing.

For beer drinkers, request a water swisharoo if they want to kiss.

Getting people to eat and drink the same things as you is often easier than getting them to wash their mouth, so that is another safe route, especially if you are making dinner.

Days or weeks of pain is not worth one night of kissing, is it?

Ok, sometimes it is.

If your partner doesn’t care enough about you, though, to, at least, rinse their mouth with some water before kissing you, then they are not very clean and maybe they aren’t worth your time anyway.

Some people may in fact have the same intolerance to gluten as you and not know it yet.

By having an honest conversation about it, about the symptoms, about the triggers, you may enlighten someone else, and improve their life. You never know.

If you don’t want to have a conversation about Celiac Disease or gluten, you can avoid mouth kissing and go for the neck.