How to Get Free Press for Your Restaurant

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One great way to get free press for your restaurant is by having a gluten-free option on the menu.

The only time I go to Italian restaurants in America is when someone else invites me. In order to be polite and easy-going, I don’t tell people about my gluten intolerance unless they are making a meal at their house for me and it is a need-to-know situation.

I assume, sometimes wrongly, that I will be able to find something at any restaurant: salad (without croutons), steak, fish, chicken, or vegetables.

At Italian restaurants in the USA, the menu usually consists mostly of pasta options (wheat white flour) and other items that are breaded. French bread is always served on each table, gratuit. Such restaurants are generally hell for someone with Celiac Disease. It’s almost impossible to not have gluten tainted food. It’s in the air, it’s on the counters, it’s on the tables, it’s everywhere.

Often, I bite the bullet, to be agreeable, and go anyway, despite the dangers.

At this Italian restaurant Sorella in Fairfax, a quaint town north of San Francisco, west off the 101 highway, I was extremely surprised to see they had a “glutten free pasta” option.

I don’t know if it is a gluttony joke (glutton meaning a habitual greed or excess in eating) or an innocent spelling error, but in hopes of purifying my soul, I ordered the “glutten free pasta” with cream sauce Alfredo.

It’s been days and I can still taste it in my mouth — the Alfredo sauce and sweet tender pasta was a divine experience! I haven’t ordered pasta in a restaurant since 2006, I think, and this was definitely the right time to give it a try.

We also ordered an unbreaded version of Chicken Piccata with vegetables and a dairy-free coconut creme caramel. They had a little something for everyone, all of it delicious.

When food is prepared by someone else, for some reason, it always seems to taste a lot better! Being able to sit down and eat, not have to cook or do dishes, is a relief.

Sorella was adorable inside and out. The strange shape structure was made of wood with a fishbowl array of windows encircling it. Inside, they had a big fireplace in the middle, tables and chairs jammed together like in Italy, and a personable smiling witty wonderful staff. They created a unique and special vibrant dining experience.

Sorella was packed to the brim and sure doesn’t need my press because they have word of mouth and a great local reputation.

If you were a tourist visiting California, you would never find this place. Now you know — you should find it. When passing through Marin County, if you feel like getting off the beaten path, Sorella will take a load off your shoulders and minds.

If you have Celiac Disease, there’s a good chance that you might get sick here, as at any restaurant, but, it’s worth it! I mean, how often can you have glutten free pasta?

And that my friends is how you get free press for your restaurant: be on the cutting edge of developing food trends and also maintain the warmth of the old world!

Get on the gluten-free wagon before it becomes commonplace. Invite your local newspaper foodie columnist or nearby gluten-free bloggers and let them know about your thoughtful dietary special accommodations. Serve good food. Have fun servers. Warm up your place with charm.

If you are opening a restaurant, go to Sorella and see how it’s done!

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