Gluten Free in Paris: Pâtisserie Boulangerie Bakery

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Going to Paris? Need to eat gluten free and don’t want to miss out on all the pastries and baked goodies?

You are in luck!

As I was reminiscing of my young glutenful days in Paris… I decided to peruse the Internet and see what is out there that would be safe for me these days.

Here are a few places that have gluten free baked goods and sweets in Paris !

Helmut Newcake

36 rue Bichat
75010 Paris France
Neighborhoods: Colonel Fabien/Goncourt, 10ème
tél. : 09 82 59 00 39
HOURS vary on the late side 12p-8p, closed Mon/Tues
MÉTRO : Goncourt & République
Gateau, Tartes… Images to drool over:

Thank you, My Deer

112 rue Saint-Maur
75011 Paris France
Neighborhoods: Oberkampf/Parmentier, 11ème
tél. : 01 71 93 16 24
HOURS vary daily, but mostly 10a-6p, closed Mon
MÉTRO: Parmentier, Couronnes, Rue Saint-Maur
American style cupcakes, cookies, and tiramisu!!

NOGLU – Restaurant et épicerie sans gluten

16, passage des Panoramas
75002 Paris France
Neighborhood: Richelieu-Drouot, 2ème
tél. : 01 40 26 41 24
HOURS varies, opened for lunch and dinner, closed Sun
MÉTRO: Richelieu Drouot
Strives to be allergen free, has dairy free, has gluten free full dining menu.

Looking forward to the day I can try these places out for myself.
In the meantime, let me know what gluten free treats you find in Paris and if you visit the places I have listed.

Bon Voyage!

Bisou Bisou Kiss Kiss

Chocolate Gluten Free Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Cupcakes

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I had a terrible craving and set out to make it gluten free, easy, and as healthy as possible. The title alone gives you an idea how naughty this one is: Chocolate Gluten Free Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes.

Last time I had a similar craving, the only options I found for gluten free cream cheese frostings at the grocery store had a frightening amount of preservatives. These prepared frostings were gluten free, so I went ahead and bought one, but all the weird stuff hurt my conscience.

This time, I was determined to make a healthier gluten free frosting myself. Intimidated at first, it was actually very easy. Starting from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, here is my variation on their frosting recipe:


  • 8 oz. of organic cream cheese
  • 5 tablespoons of organic salted butter
  • 1/2 squeezed orange or lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1.25 cups of fine organic sugar

On LOW HEAT, mix all the ingredients together in a metal pot or pan (do not use non-stick), stirring until smooth.

When mixed, pour into a wide glass jar (I used a recycled Salsa jar). Put in the refrigerator for 2 hours to harden.


I used Glutino’s Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix, which I purchased at WholeFoods. You are welcome to use any brownie or chocolate cake mix you want, just add 2 grated carrots and follow the directions on your box.

For those of you using the Gluten Free Pantry Brownie Mix Recipe, include these  enriching alterations:

Add 1/4 cup MILK to the mix, 2 grated CARROTS, and use 3 EGGS (not 2 or 4).

Instead of a baking dish or pan, use a 12 cupcake baking tray. Spray the tray with a non-stick, I use organic Olive Oil Spray. Pour in the chocolate carrot mix evenly. Follow cooking time on box. Test if ready with toothpick or knife.

To remove the carrot brownie cupcakes, wait to cool, then use one of those angled pliable spatulas, swooping around the edges. These type of spatula also work best to get the heated frosting out of the pan and into the jar.

You can eat this while it is hot, but it may fall apart and the frosting will be all gooey, though it will taste great. For better appearance, a cooled cupcake and hardened frosting will look nice.

Notes on Gluten Free Cupcake Safe Storage: I like cupcakes over cakes because they are neater, smaller, and the perfect serving size. In the fridge, I keep the cupcakes in a food container with seal-tight lid, layered with wax paper in between. I only put the frosting on when ready to eat. The frosting keeps nicely refrigerated in a jar. Safe for 1 week. By 2 weeks, flavor is not as good. By week 3, you need to throw away anything not eaten.