7 Easy Steps to Gluten Free Organic Homemade Dried Basil

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One way to make sure you have no gluten in your herbs (as gluten may make its way into your food from the factory processing or packaging center) is to make it yourself at home.

Homemade herbs are fresher, healthier, safer, smell better, and save you money because your plant keeps growing and delivering herbs to you.


1) Buy an Organic Basil plant for $4.
– Mine is from WholeFoods. I have also seen them at Trader Joe’s.

2) Trim the largest leaves only from underneath other budding leaves.

3) Wash the leaves with water.

4) Lay the leaves out on paper towels, with a paper towel gently resting on top.
– I did 3 layers for this example. No more than 5 layers, or it might get moldy.

5) Place the dish in the hottest no-wind area of your home.
– I happen to have a sun room that worked great. Near a heater, where it safely won’t catch fire is an option. Keep in mind that slamming doors and open windows will cause your leaves to blow away.

6) After a few days, when the leaves are fully dry and turn to powder at the touch, crush the leaves. You can do it with your bare hands directly into a bowl.
– I couldn’t resist buying this cute old fashioned herb crusher that is pictured.

7) Transfer the crushed basil into a seal tight jar.
– I use a recycled tapenade jar.

You may use this process for any leaf herb. Basil is from the mint family. Mint and sage are other easy fresh dried herbs to make at home.

You can also use these herbs fresh (not dried) immediately after trimming them from your plant. Fresh leaves are great in salads. Whereas the dried herbs are great for hot meals and cooking or sauces.

PLANT CARE: My Basil plant is very thirsty and drinks every other day. If your plant wilts and the soil is dry, water it immediately. My plant is extremely prolific, weekly delivering lots of new large leaves.

Making dried basil was a lot of fun for me.

If you do it, come back and let me know how it goes, and what challenges you may have encountered due to a different home environment.

Thai Rice Noodles Fast Easy Gluten Free Soup

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This is my lazy meal. I’m tired. I just need to eat. Before I knew I had to eat gluten free, I was already using this fast and easy soup recipe.

Before companies started labeling their food products as Gluten Free, I had to read the ingredients and figure it out for myself. These Thai Noodle soups have always been made with rice and tapioca flour, they have always been gluten free.

Now Thai Kitchen has altered their packaging to make it absolutely clear that this is a gluten free meal, which is really cool of them.

Obviously, water, spices, and noodles might fill you up, but it is not nutritious on its own, so you really ought to add some food to it, which is fast and easy.

Use 1 pack per person.

For a VEGAN meal, just cut whatever vegetables you like to small bite sizes, add to boiling water and spices before you add the noodles. The noodles soften in just one minute. Any longer and they become kind of gross. So don’t cook the noodles until you are satisfied with the texture of your vegetables. Of course put in your hardest vegetables first and soft things like spinach very last, so as to not over cook.

If you are not vegan, you can add chicken, fish, or thin beef slices if you want. Make sure it is boiled all the way through before adding the noodles.

The more food or water you add to this soup, the more you may want to add some salt and pepper.

Just 5 minutes and your meal is ready to eat!

My favorite flavor of Thai Kitchen’s Instant Rice Noodle Soups are this one pictured, the Thai Lemongrass & Chili. They have several other flavors as well.

This is super easy, very tasty, low cost, and depending on what you put in it, can be healthy too!


The Ideal Meal To Fit All The Family’s Medical Dietary Needs

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It’s my party and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to; you would cry too if you had to make a meal to fit all medical dietary issues!

You have the whole family coming over and everyone has a different medical issue. Grandpa can’t have salt because of his high blood pressure. Gramma needs low sugar and low calories because of her diabetes. Brother’s wife from California is a vegan and eats no meat or dairy, which includes butter! Cousin Jane just found out she has Celiac Disease and can’t eat gluten found in wheat, barley, rye, and enriched white flour.

Oh my gosh! It’s just too much to handle. Forget it. You never want to commit to a dinner party ever again!

Fret not. Wipe your tears away. There is a very easy, healthy, and tasty food preparation solution. Vegetables and rice! I know, it may sound totally unappetizing, but trust me, it’s delicious how I prepare it.

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Pretty Purple Healing Soup

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The Pretty Purple Healing Soup is Organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Vegan.

This soup is good for balancing the hormonal and blood systems, combatting the current situation wherein science and capitalism are destroying what is naturally good for us and seriously endangering our health!

Diabetes, obesity, endometriosis, insulin & blood sugar problems, tumors, cancer, autism, schizophrenia… Shall I go on telling you why being a lab rat for big money food suppliers is no fun?

AVOID the following in mass produced foods: artificial hormones, rBST, rGST, BGH, that cause elevated insulins in animals; animal, birds, fish fats that carry all the bad stuff and pollutants humans have created, pesticides, herbicides, agent orange; genetically modified foods, virus & bacteria purposefully added to the cellular structure of your food to carry genetic changes;  dioxins, chlorine (in your tap water), and so on…

Long list, I know. Your food comes with no warning, so what can you do about it?

One word can help you avoid most those nasty things: select Organic and local foods and products! The more people who reject dangerous altered, poisoned, and processed foods, the cheaper organic and local foods will become, and the further we push out what is dangerous to us and extend the longevity of life on this planet.

The purposeful genetic altering for infertility in plants and animals ultimately means death for all and a cessation of the air (carbon dioxide to oxygen) and weather cycles. What you purchase to eat will determine where this planet goes. Your health, your children, and life on the planet depend on it.

Watch documentary The Future of Foods on Hulu.com for free. Learn about what is happening to you and to the world.

Organic ingredients for the Pretty Purple Healing Soup:

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Gross It’s Green Soup

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Getting people to eat vegetables is hard enough; getting them to eat green slop is another challenge entirely. I tried to make it look somewhat inviting by adding some of its ingredients as decoration around the edges.

This zesty healthy soup is so easy to make. I love it, but I’ll admit that most people refuse it on the grounds of it being too healthy and gross-looking.

This soup is gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, vegan safe! Read more