Gluten Free Egg Cheese Sandwich

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This gluten-free egg-salad grilled-cheese sandwich is delicious and pretty fast to make.

First, bring some water to boil in a small pot or hot stove cup.

When boiling, add 1 or 2 organic eggs without hormones.

Boil the eggs 10 to 15 minutes. The trick to easy-peel eggs is to only put them in the water when the water is boiling, not before. Then after, pour out the hot water and immediately run cold water over the eggs. Let the eggs sit in the cold water until you can handle them.

For the egg salad, peel the eggs and mash them up with a fork in a bowl. I use a heaping forkful of Lemonaise and mix that in with the eggs, but if you don’t have or don’t want that, then use a gluten-free mayonnaise with some dashes of salt and pepper.

The bread I use is the Food for Life wheat & gluten-free brown rice bread from Trader Joe’s. Most gluten-free breads from a grocery store are not immediately fresh and they don’t have all kinds of crazy preservatives, so in short, they don’t taste that great right out of the bag, but toasted, they can be really great. I have won over lots of people with this bread, when it’s toasted. So toast it! It tastes and has a texture like soda bread.

To toast the bread, I put it in a toaster oven or a baking oven on broil for just a moment, and watch it brown lightly. As you can see from my picture, I, without fail, tend to burn my toast and other foods. So stand by while toasting.

When you flip the toast, add some organic butter and a slice of your favorite organic cheese.

In this case, I added a slice of a fresh organic natural tomato from my garden — so sweet and delicious, the sun and rain did all the work, I did nothing to grow it; it came with the house.

When your cheese is melted, pull out your toast and put it on a plate. Add some heaping scoops of egg salad, et voila, c’est tout!


Gluten-Free Man Meal 1 – Corn Sausage Apple

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In restaurants, the male gender dominates the kitchen as chefs and cooks, but let’s face it, if he ain’t gettin’ paid for it, he probably ain’t cookin’ it, and at home, women usually do the cooking.

Where do bachelor men fall, men who want to eat well but really aren’t into cooking and they don’t have a lady around to service ’em? Maybe they put their career, bar-hopping, or mating opportunities before nutrition. They get home late and leave early. A lot of bachelors don’t even have a table and chairs. They eat on their couch or bed. Maybe they don’t have a kitchen at all, just a microwave.

Cooking takes time, energy, ingredients, cookware, and thought.

If you aren’t cooking and you don’t have a lot of money to eat out, you probably aren’t eating all that well.

I’m going to introduce some easy and tasty meals that single people can make without too much effort. I’m going to call ’em Man Meals for fun, but of course, these are meals for anyone of any age and gender or marital status who just doesn’t have the patience, ingredients, or money to make spectacular meals.

These gluten-free meals are simple, well-rounded, and taste good.

Pictured here today is Man Meal 1.

Boil some water and toss an ear of corn in for 5 minutes. After you pull it out, you can flavor your corn with butter, salt, lemon, and/or parmesan cheese. If you don’t want to bother with fresh corn, you can also use canned corn, but realize that it is far less healthy and it costs more. You may want to choose canned corn if you are rarely home and fresh food tends to go bad before you can get to it. MICROWAVE ALTERNATIVE: You may microwave your corn for 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your microwave.

Put a gluten-free sausage in the frying pan on medium-low heat for about 4 minutes on each side. Turn it over when hot and browned on one side. When other side is browned, take it off. Trader Joe’s has lots of different types of healthy gluten-free sausages. Hot dogs are often gluten-free. Make sure to read the package! You want foods that you know what each ingredient means, nothing with weird long chemical sounding words. Try to get sausages with very few ingredients, organic when possible. MICROWAVE ALTERNATIVE: You may microwave your sausage for about 1-3 minutes.

Wash and cut an apple.

If you are a big man, increase the amount of sausages and corn to suit your appetite.

If you or your guest has a problem with gluten, do NOT drink regular beer! The CO2 carbonation and wheat, barley, rye elements will have your tummy tossing and farting.

Gluten-free alcohol beverages are wine, cider, potato vodka, and tequila.

And that’s it! So easy. It’s not a fancy or pretty meal, but it tastes great and gives you a perky mind and satisfied stomach. You won’t feel sick from all that processed food and flour. You can even serve it to a lady date and earn some respect for your thoughtful endeavor.

Gluten-Free Blueberry Chocolate-Chip Banana Pancakes

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This sorta healthy, sorta sinful, breakfast is a regular staple at my house. After years of trial and error, this is the recipe I came up with for my Gluten-Free Blueberry Chocolate-Chip Banana Pancakes. I always alter it a bit here and there, depending on what supplies I have.

Mix well 2 eggs with 1 cup of plain yogurt (Fage tastes the best!).

Add a few drops of Vanilla and/or Orange extract, if you have it, and a dash of cinnamon or pumpkin spice. Stir them in.

Add 1/2 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix, this is the magick ingredient.

Add 1/4 cup of Brown Rice Flour.

Add 1/4 cup of Tapioca Flour.

Add a pinch of baking soda.

Mix well all the flour and liquid ingredients. Pre-heat a non-stick pan at medium low.

Add to the mix 1 banana, either small slices/chunks if ripe, or mashed if banana is brown and aged.

Toss in a 1/4 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of washed blueberries.

Gently mix in the banana, chocolate-chips, and blueberries.

* If your batter is too thick, add a little milk at your discretion. *

You may add butter to the pan or not. The pancakes are smoother without the butter, but butter tastes better.

For another treat, as if they are not loaded enough already, you can add some coconut shavings to the wet side of the pancakes while cooking. (The coconut didn’t taste all that great when I mixed it into the wet mix.)

When the edges have cooked a bit and the top doesn’t look so fluid, flip the pancakes; they should be a light golden brown.

These pancakes taste pretty great all on their own without any sugar added, but I add 1 or 2 spoons on top of organic maple syrup. Yum!

In this breakfast, you get your serving of fruit, dairy, protein, and grain. Even though it tastes amazing, it is pretty healthy, giving you the energy you need to start your day.

For pancakes that take less thought and preparation, but are also not as nutritious, Bisquick offers a very tasty Gluten-Free Pancake Mix.

Baked Salmon & Veggies Fast Easy Gluten-Free Dinner

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This baked salmon with vegetables will be the simplest meal you ever prepared. You will not believe cooking this well was this easy.

I get on different types of cooking trips where I do the same thing every night for a few months because it is so easy and good tasting. In this case, the method is baking.

What I used to make this dish is a long glass dish pan, about 8 x 13 inches, the kind you would use for lasagna.

Heat the oven to 375 Bake.

Put a thin layer of olive oil in the dish pan first. Then simply lay your ingredients of choice on it. Here, I rinse off 2 frozen pieces of fresh wild caught salmon and place them in the center. You may use any type of fresh or frozen fish or chicken.

Around the fish I place washed vegetables. You may use any fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables that you want. I have organic cauliflower and organic green beans from my Farm Fresh box home delivery. On top of that, I lay some baby bok choy from Trader Joe’s. And for the final veggie layer, I place one sliced sweet red tomato from my garden.

After you have your protein and veggies in the pan, then you do your seasoning. You may add butter or olive oil; I add both. I sprinkle salt all over, lemon pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese.

Cover the dish with tin foil and put on the middle-top rack of the oven. Cook for 30 minutes. Let the oven do the cookin’ while you enjoy some television or tend to other matters.

Take the tin foil off. Put it back in the oven for 5 minutes more on Broil 375 or until top of food has a nice lightly brown baked top. Be careful not to burn your masterpiece after all that; stay near.

That’s it. Looks great. Tastes great. Is gluten-free!

This meal is can be dairy-free if you cut out the butter or vegan if you cut out the protein.

This example is for a two person serving size dinner.

Gluten-Free Shrimp Spinach Fettucini Pasta

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A fast and easy fancy dinner to make is gluten-free fettucini pasta with shrimp and spinach.

The delicious noodles I often use are gluten-free Tinkyada Fettucini.

Boil the water. Put in the pasta. Stir, so it doesn’t stick together. Shortly after the water turns white and the noodles are limp, drain the noodles from the water.

While the noodles are cooking, put 1 to 3 tablespoons of butter and/or olive oil in a metal pan (don’t use non-stick), on low to medium heat, hot enough to cook, low enough not to smoke or burn food. Put your frozen or fresh peeled shrimp tail-off into the pan. 20 shrimp is a good number to match up with one packet of pasta. Squeeze 1/4 lemon on the shrimp. Dabble salt, pepper, garlic powder (or real garlic diced), basil (dried or fresh), and paprika.

Squeeze 1/2 lemon on the drained noodles.

Add the lemony noodles to the butter/oil and shrimp. Stir. Add rinsed clean spinach leaves. Add some more of same spices to noodles and spinach. Stir. Add about 5 tablespoons of finely grated parmesan. Stir until cheese is melted and evenly distributed. Add 4 tablespoons of milk. Stir continuously on low to medium heat until creamy.

Once you get the hang of this one, it is really fast, easy, and yummy. No more than 20 minutes to prepare. Great date night dinner.

The Beet Dozer Versus Red Bull

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This is my homemade chilled Red Beet Bulldozer Dirty Chai that I call the Beet Dozer, a gluten-free energy drink.

My homemade Beet Dozer beats Red Bull because you will not have a heart attack or go on a hypoglycemic shooting rampage six hours after drinking it.

Red Bull ingredients are: carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, sodium citrate, taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, inositol, niacinamide, calcium-pantothenate, pyridoxine HCl, vitamin B12, artificial flavors, colors. Some brands have aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose, or coca leaf.

Beet Dozer ingredients are: tap water, organic beets, Trader Joe’s organic whole milk, organic free trade coffee beans from Costco, Raw Agave Nectar, and Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea [Rooibos African Red Tea, Black Tea (decaf available), Cinnamon, Roasted Chicory, Ginger, Coconut, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Paprika, Black Pepper, and Chinese Star Anise].

Instead of the refined sugars, chemicals, and empty calories of Red Bull, with the Beet Dozer you get energizing cleansing nutrients from red beets, a good caffeine fix from the coffee, some alkaline milk to calm your stomach acid, and delicious natural spices to fulfill your randy taste buds.

Why on Earth Did I Make the Beet Dozer and How?

Like most things I make in the kitchen, it is a combo of scraps that turn into a happy accident of tasty flavors.

As an actor, I had been up since 2:30am for a movie set call time of 4:00am. I was off work and home by 10:30am and was thinking how I needed some sort of pick-me-up to make it through the next 12 hours.

Synthetic substances do not appeal to me.

Cleaning the kitchen, I noticed the great value of what remained scattered on the counters. Before I cleaned the pot from the beets I just boiled, I put two Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea bags in the remaining scalding hot water to steep.

To the 2 cups of the steeped Red Beet Water Chai Tea, I added the last cup of Muddy Coffee from the coffee press that was sitting on the counter from my husband, plus a cup of Organic Whole Milk, and 2 long squirts of Agave Nectar sweetener. In a recycled glass beverage bottle, I shook up the concoction and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

The beets I boiled I used in a salad.

Why Red Beets are Great

  • Flavonoids
  • Anticancerous
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, suppresses Herpes
  • Anti-ulcer
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Good for blood circulation
  • Folic Acid keeps you younger
  • Red poop is exciting

Red Beet Uses

  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Virus
  • Lethargy
  • Red coloring (make-up, clothes, etc)

You can eat boiled beets, drink beet juice, or use the boiled beet water for tea or coloring.

Don’t drink the Beet Dozer everyday because it could make your stomach too acidic and it might be high in sodium from the beets, but once in a while, for a healthy anxiety-free alternative to mass produced energy drinks, the Beet Dozer Dirty Chai will make you feel alert.



The Ideal Meal To Fit All The Family’s Medical Dietary Needs

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It’s my party and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to; you would cry too if you had to make a meal to fit all medical dietary issues!

You have the whole family coming over and everyone has a different medical issue. Grandpa can’t have salt because of his high blood pressure. Gramma needs low sugar and low calories because of her diabetes. Brother’s wife from California is a vegan and eats no meat or dairy, which includes butter! Cousin Jane just found out she has Celiac Disease and can’t eat gluten found in wheat, barley, rye, and enriched white flour.

Oh my gosh! It’s just too much to handle. Forget it. You never want to commit to a dinner party ever again!

Fret not. Wipe your tears away. There is a very easy, healthy, and tasty food preparation solution. Vegetables and rice! I know, it may sound totally unappetizing, but trust me, it’s delicious how I prepare it.

Read more

Bean & Cheese Mexi Melts

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If you have a big family and limited time or patience, try this quick and easy delicious meal that will suit all your gluten-free and vegetarian needs.

Buy corn flour tortillas; make sure to read the ingredients so that it is only corn and not made in a factory that also processes wheat flour goods.

Heat up your corn tortillas on low heat in a non-stick pan with a little butter or olive oil. After a minute, turn them over and add a thin slice of Jack Cheese. You can buy big blocks of cheese for very cheap at Costco. Next, put a tablespoon scoop of Refried Pinto Beans. For adults, add a squirt of hot sauce for excitement; I like Tapatio Salsa Picante. Let this heat up until the cheese is melted and the beans are hot to the touch. Put on a plate. Add some avocado slices for a delicious quick fast and easy Mexican style meal.

Of the mini style corn tortilla pictured here, 3 to 5 will satisfy an adult, 1 to 2 for small children.

*For kids under 6 years old, they probably prefer it without beans, and definitely no hot sauce.

Gluten Free Hors d’Oeuvres, Appetizers, and Snacks

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Who the heck can spell hors d’oeuvres? I am fluent in French and a pretty good English speller and I still never can remember how to spell hors d’oeuvres, even though I love to eat ’em. I’m copying and pasting the term from the dictionary right now, I’ll have you know.

Just so that you all can nagivate your way safely to this page, we shall call ’em appetizers and snacks too. This is any small finger food dish you’d like to serve as a munchie at a party or before the main dinner entrée.

I had some family over the night. Being family, even though they won’t admit yet that they are gluten intolerant, seeing how it is genetic and they constantly have stomach pains, I like to provide snacks and meals that we can all enjoy, foods that will show them how delicious and easy it is to eat gluten free.

Over time, I will be posting many hors d’oeuvres and food recipes. Almost every meal I make at home is unique, so it will take some time before I can get all my mad creations up online.

In the meantime, here is a very simple healthy plate of appetizers that you can serve to your gluten free guests.

The edibles featured in this photo are:

  • Fresh oranges from the yard
  • Kiwi slices
  • Dutch Gouda cheese
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Rosemary and Olive Oil Crackers
  • Edwards & Sons Brown Rice Snaps
  • Cucina & Amore Artichoke Bruschetta


Each food is delicious alone or together with the other components.


Parfait for the New Year!

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Perfect for the new year, whether you are trying to lose weight or be healthy, is this gluten-free fresh fruit yogurt parfait, great for breakfast or dessert!

Take Organic plain yogurt (so as to avoid the mass amount of added sugars and unnatural ingredients in flavored yogurts) and stir in some no sugar natural Stevia plant sweetener plus a squirt of agave. Add some fresh fruit slices and there you have a quick, easy, and healthy mind-powering breakfast to start your day.

Pictured in my breakfast is: Organic cow milk yogurt, Argentinian blueberries, California blackberries, USA kiwifruit, Columbian bananas, and California Avocado. Quite a world wide reaching little breakfast.

It is better to buy local foods and support your local economy, but this is what I found at the local Trader Joe’s Market. Many people in many states don’t have fresh fruit due to the snow season or other regional limitations.

If you want to maximize on the amount of energy you get from your fruit parfait, check out this cool fruit nutrition values chart that tells how much protein, vitamins, and calories are in each type of fruit at The Fruit Pages.

As always, I say: Do what you can, when you can, and enjoy life as much and as healthy as possible.

Happy New Year 2011!

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