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This morning on The Today Show they talked to Dr. Keri Peterson about Chronic Inflammation.

I kept waiting for them to bring up Celiac Disease, but they never did. Instead, it was the same kind of misinformation I received every time I went to the doctor for help.

Dr. Peterson talked about CAUSES of Chronic Inflammation being: obesity, depression, stress, and anxiety. These are not causes, they are symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases like Celiac Disease!

Dr. Peterson talked about SYMPTOMS of Chronic Inflammation, that white blood cells are overactive and attack healthy cells; this is a symptom of Celiac Disease and Chronic Inflammation is a symptom from eating gluten.

Overactive white blood cells (or chronic inflammation) are symptoms of any Auto-Immune Disease, which there are roughly 200 kinds, and she did not even elaborate on this extremely important point! You may not know which Auto-Immune disease you have that is causing you this Chronic Inflammation, but there is a solution for your pain, you just have to find it. Eating healthy is not enough alone, unfortunately. You have to figure out exactly what your specific problem and trigger is. For Celiac sufferers, it is gluten.

When the host asked her several times what to do about this Chronic Inflammation or why people get it, Dr. Peterson did not really have an answer. She said people get it from being overweight and stressed and that healthy eating, a reduction in sugar intake, and exercising would help.

Weight and mood issues are the RESULTS and SYMPTOMS of Celiac Disease or other serious health issues, they are not the cause! Yes, once you have symptoms from one health issue, those symptoms start causing new health issues.

For instance, with Celiac Disease, when you eat gluten, you get this so-called chronic inflammation of white blood cells attacking your system, which damages the digestive system, which causes gas, pain, and low blood sugar, which causes mood swings, headaches, migraines, depression, and weight problems. Understand? One problem (in our case gluten), causes a myriad of other problems, like falling dominoes.

For some people, it may not be gluten that is the problem. You may have a failed liver or cancer or are overeating unhealthy sugary processed foods. There are so many possible health concerns you might have.

People can diet and try to be happy and healthy all they want, but as long as they have some major unknown health issue or, in our case, continue to eat gluten (white flour products, wheat, barely, and rye) they will ALWAYS have mood and health problems.

Chronic Inflammation is a symptom of something else, it is not an illness itself. This distinction must be known and understood before a person can even begin to take steps in the right direction for a cure.

For Celiac Disease sufferers, not eating gluten is the solution that will almost completely resolve Chronic Inflammation, along with massively improving mood, pain, and weight issues. If you have Celiac Disease, you absolutely positively will have Chronic Inflammation in your digestive tract for as long as you continue to eat gluten and for several days following every intake of gluten.

When will the misinformation stop?! Arrrrggggg!


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