How To Avoid Gluten on Thanksgiving

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Avoiding gluten is difficult on Thanksgiving.

I will take a typical Thanksgiving meal, the one I will be eating at my mother’s house, and tell you where the gluten is.

1) The muffins and bread!

2) The stuffing, which is made out of bread!

3) The turkey parts that touch the stuffing.

4) The gravy is thickened with flour.

5) Toppings on veggies or other things might have some bread crumbs or flour.

6) Desserts like pie, cake, and cookies are made with flour.

7) Beer and grain alcohols are made from wheat, barley, and rye.

What can you do to avoid gluten and eat gluten-free on Thanksgiving?

1) Don’t eat the bread.

2) Eat the top part of the turkey, furthest from the stuffing, and get it before it hits the stuffing or juice.

3) Don’t eat the gravy. I use cranberries as my sauce and that is delicious.

4) Eat vegetables that are not mixed with any other ingredients, other than butter & spices.

5) Bring your own gluten-free wheat-free desserts like brownies and apple crumble that you make at home before you go.

6) Bring gluten-free appetizers for everyone, like rice crackers, cheese, and olives.

7) I also bring my own alcohol such as hard cider (made from apples), tequila (made from agave), and potato vodka (you can find at Trader Joe’s: 1782 Monopolowa, smooth taste and only $9.99).


In bringing food and drinks, you are a more polite guest and offering up more eats for the family.

You don’t even have to say why you brought it or that it is gluten-free.

I like bringing foods and drinks to events and only informing people that something is gluten-free after they have commented on how delicious it is. People have this idea that anything healthy or gluten-free must taste disgusting, but times have changed and we’ve figured out to make yummy gluten-free foods. It’s better to let people make an unbiased opinion.

Thanksgiving is always a gluten health risk kind of day; I allow this as one of the days that I will probably get sick, but the pain is worth the time I get to be with my family. Just do your best to avoid gluten and enjoy your family.

Let the fart competitions begin!

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