Why Doctors and Food Giants Don’t Want You To Know About Gluten & Celiac Disease

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For years and years of going to the doctors suffering terrible abdominal pain and mental function issues, why did not one single doctor ever ask me what I was eating?

Once I figured out what was wrong with me, from reading an article in a health magazine when I was 30 years old, the answer was so obvious: Celiac Disease.

How did no American doctor ever suggest this to me? Why did every single doctor just send me away with some symptomatic relief medicine, that actually did little to relieve me? They all told me I would have to be on medications for life! Medications that had nothing to do with the real problem.

All the while I suffered in America, on a vacation to Italy at the same time of my discovery, I noticed the Italians actually have gluten-free foods in their pharmacies and stocked on the shelves at their grocers back when Americans seemed to know nothing about it. Every casual encounter or question at a restaurant was met with informative answers in Italy; every Italian I spoke with knew what Celiac Disease was, just as every American knows what cancer is.

Why were Americans in the dark about gluten?

The reason why the American medical, health, and major food industries don’t want you to know about the effects of gluten on your body is simple and obvious: money! There is no money in it for them when the solution for Celiac Disease or an intolerance to gluten simply requires a change in your diet. America is a capitalist society where, sadly, money and profit prevail over the education and health of its citizens.

Living gluten-free does not require prescriptions or follow up doctor visits and it cuts out a lot of popular food products. To be intolerant to gluten (which is found in white flour, wheat, barley, and rye foods and beverages) or to have Celiac Disease, there is only one correct way to manage and heal: do not eat gluten!

If you are looking for the magic pill, surely some money mongrel will eventually provide it to you, but at what cost to your health and life?

Medications merely mask your real and severe health issues. Medications might make you feel better in the short run, but you are shortening your life in long run, because you are not addressing your real health issues, which are most often related to your food intake and exercise routine or lack thereof.

To avoid doing what your body requests from you to feel good is ignorant and lazy. I watch on TV all the medicines and surgeries offered to people with obesity, depression, or other major health issues, when the answer is so obvious and simple: change your diet if you want to change how you look and feel!

You are what you eat: stop eating crap if you don’t want to feel like crap.

It is clear: don’t eat gluten! That’s it. That is the cure for Celiac sufferers.

The beauty of having Celiac Disease is that once you make the change, you don’t have to take any medications, you feel better than you have in your entire life, and you will live much much longer.

Replace white, wheat, barely, and rye flours with non-genetically modified (non-GMO) and organic gluten-free flours: corn, rice, tapioca, sweet potato, and many other delicious and arguably more tasty flours. Enriched white flour and wheat are a sham, deadly and paniful to a great number of people. Although corn is a great replacement for wheat, unfortunately, corn is also largely tainted and genetically modified these days by scientists’ use of virus and bacteria carriers.

When it comes to eating and feeling good, let your stomach guide you. What foods make you feel good when you eat them? Which ones make you feel bad? Do not believe the marketing words on packaging.

Buy foods that look like how they naturally occur on the earth!

Soy, “whole wheat,” and “nine grains” and all this are NOT actually healthy for a lot of people; you have been trained to believe this by marketing people at food companies. Think again.

Are you farting like crazy when you eat those “healthy” and “natural” marketed foods? That’s because they are often not natural or healthy for you.

Remember, if someone is trying to sell you something, it is because they are trying to make money off you. Organic food producers tend to be more interested in the health of their customers, whereas fast food and comfort food producers are more interested in making money. You need to be able to peel back the layers of marketing artificiality to see the truth.

Sometimes, only your intestines can tell you the real truth.

Trust your gut reaction!

As food takes time to work through your system, realize that the lower abdominal pain may come 1 to 8 hours after eating a meal. Gluten can affect your body immediately in the mouth area where you may get blisters and can continue to affect you for days in your intestines. Some symptoms are gas, pain, and a fuzzy brain.

Some people may very well tolerate wheat and white flour products, having little to no symptoms, but by the look of Americans today and all those in other countries whom have been devourers of our white flour enriched fast foods, I am going to lean on the side that gluten is bad for the majority of people.

If you can drastically reduce the amount of gluten and sugar you eat, I would venture to guess that your health and weight would dramatically improve.

Sugar is cancer’s best friend, in case you didn’t know. White flour acts in the body like sugar and processes quickly. No matter how you cut it, it is just not good for you.

The change is worth a try, isn’t it? It is your life and your children’s lives. Aren’t they worth a few weeks trial at a better life? Guess what, it costs you nothing other than a little time to research and understand what you are eating and feeding your family.

2010 has impressed me deeply with how much information about gluten and Celiac Disease is starting to come out, not by the government or the FDA or the medical industry, but by people like me who felt physically awful and went on the hunt for a better life! With information available around the world and everyone sharing their personal experiences, we can find our own truth and happiness.

When our leaders and authority figures have let us down, we are all here, all us little people, helping each other to feel good again. Although I don’t remember the name of the woman who wrote the article that changed my life, I am forever in debt to her and continue to carry her torch. That’s why I made this site. The name doesn’t matter, it is the information that must be shared, information to change your life.

Answers to solve your problems are out there, you just need to find them.

Good luck on your hunt for better health and higher spirits.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more about energy and weight loss when you get this stuff out of your diet. Nicely written. I made my site for the same reason as you. We’ll get these food companies to change their ways sooner or later!


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