Celebrating Oreo’s 100th Birthday With Gluten Free Cookies

March 6, 2012 by  
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Let’s celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday, one of my all time favorite cookies!

Are Oreos gluten free? Sadly, no; Oreo cookies have wheat gluten in them. But there is an equally tasty substitute.

Eating gluten free, doesn’t mean having to give up Oreos.

Since Kraft-Nabisco didn’t jump on the opportunity (yet), the gluten free brand Glutino came out with their own Oreo style cookie: the Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies!

Glutino’s gluten free cookies are dangerously delicious and test your will power because you will want to eat the whole package they are so good! These are the best gluten free cookies. They are slightly lighter and airier than the original Oreo.

After opening the package, I put the cookies in an air tight glass jar so I can enjoy them over a long period of time and not get sick from eating them all in one sitting.

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