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There was a midday knock on my door last week from a representative of Farm Fresh To You offering to deliver me weekly or monthly boxes of fresh produce.

Some of my friends have this service, organic farm goods delivered to their door, so I had heard about it before and thought it was a marvelous idea and jumped on the opportunity.

Remember the milk men of the 1950’s? It’s like that.

In the photograph here is my first box of delicious fresh organic farm fruits and vegetables: broccoli, endives, salad, strawberries, avocado, red potatoes, white onion, apples, oranges, and some other things: all gluten-free! Much of these foods I do not buy regularly, so it was nice to be forced into making some new and healthier meals and snacks. What I have eaten from this batch has all tasted delicious and decidedly different from non-organic grocery store foods that come from far away places.

If you do a search for “organic farm produce food box delivery” and add your county and state name, you can see which organic farms do home deliveries in your area and what are their prices.

Natural food has dirt on it, the leaves are different sizes and colors, bugs are in the box and have eaten a bit of your food — this is normal in the real world, be happy about it! Any food that you see that is all the same size, same color, no bug bites or age or tears, you can be pretty sure it is GMO genetically modified food and has used poisonous pesticides.

For Celiac Disease sufferers, you can call and ask if there are any wheat, barley, or rye growing within a mile radius if you want to be really sure about it being gluten free.

Buying local food produce helps your local community to prosper, keeps small farmers in business, and is healthier for your body.

Plus, having a mystery box delivered to your home is fun.


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