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Costco is understanding and embracing the gluten free diet. To see such a major food institution support healthier and niche market foods makes me so happy.

To recap, eating gluten free is not for weight loss or social issues, it is to resolve severe abdominal pain and to give clarity to one’s muddled mind caused by an intolerance of gluten (the modern strains of wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes soy and oats found in processed foods).

Here are some of my favorite gluten free foods I like to buy in bulk at Costco.

  • Hormel Corned Beef Hash has few ingredients and is my guiltiest carnivorous gluten free pleasure.
  • Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice is gluten free, non-GMO, organic and 12 pounds lasts many servings.
  • Sabra Hummus gluten free is a great snack with a quick boost of protein and brain power.
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers are gluten free and organic; tastes good with hummus.
  • Kirkland Turkey Burgers are gluten free.

Other gluten free products we get at Costco are Organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans, Chicken Taquitos, Tuna, Pistachios, Gallo Salame, Turkey Dogs, Organic Tomato Sauce, Sausages, Wine, Tequila, and Toilet Paper (ha)!

Most cheeses are gluten free; I prefer Kerrygold Dubliner and Monterrey Jack which come in big blocks that last a long time.

You can also buy FRESH bulk Costco gluten free simple whole foods without ingredients like Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Orange Juice, Eggs, Chicken, and Meat.

Always read the label and ingredients on packaged products to make sure it is gluten free. Products that are now labeling themselves as Gluten Free are really helpful and make shopping go a lot quicker.


2 Responses to “List of Gluten Free Products at Costco”
  1. jack says:

    But what about Kirkland Pro Complete toothpaste?

    • admin says:

      Jack — Ha… I don’t know. There is something about normal toothpastes that really bother my mouth.
      I use natural TOM’S toothpaste clear flouride-FREE gel and similar toothpastes.

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