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One thing I do to live healthier and save a lot of money is I save glass containers. Any item that comes in a glass jar with a lid — after I have consumed the product — I soak the jar, remove the label, wash it thoroughly, and then save it.

Glass has been made for thousands of years by melting sand or quartz and reshaping it.

Although glass holds up nicely as an ancient artifact, it also can easily break down like rocks, and will eventually return to its original state of being.

Plastics have been most popularized in the 1950s, and due to how plastics are made, their durability and pliability, they don’t break down naturally like other substances and products, and therefore are terrible for the environment.

There is purportedly a plastic trash island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean, and plastic debris among all the sea, especially in the north Pacific and collecting along many beach coasts.

Plastic with additives is toxic and carcinogenic (cancer-causing), so I like to get my food products out of their plastic wrappers as quickly as possible and switched to glass. Also, as plastic particles seep into the food, it ruins the flavor. You can’t heat up food (safely) in plastic, but glass is ideal!

Think about saving, collecting, and reusing nice glass jars and bottles.

From where do my glass jars usually come? (These are all gluten-free products.)

  • Drinks (coffee and juices)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Dips
  • Salsa
  • Olives
  • Honey
  • Spices

If I don’t know the difference in taste between brand names, and the price and contents seem equal, I choose the food or beverage that has a nicely styled re-usable glass jar.

What gluten-free products do I put in my glass jars?

  • Glutenfree flours made from tapioca, corn, rice, sweet potato, etc.
  • Coffee, Spices, Herbs, Sugars, Cocoa powder…
  • Dried Foods like nuts, fruits, veggie chips.
  • Candy & Chocolate like gramma used to! All the colors look colorfully artistic in a clear glass jar.
  • Dog food looks more appealing, easily transportable, healthier.
  • Left-overs from take-out food, home meals, & unused portions of canned goods: tastes better, saves longer with seal-tight lid.
  • Beverages like water, cocktails, or coffee that I mix and make at home, lasts long, tastes great!
  • Soups, you can make a huge batch and have lots of safely kept meals all week, or freeze for longer, or for the cupboard if you know how to seal jars safely.
  • Gifts, when you put treats or drinks in a glass jar, they look a lot nicer and taste a lot better than plastic; my friends love my homemade lattes and mochas that they can take home with them from my house; it’s a glass I don’t need back.
  • Hair Accessories like rubber bands, barrettes, clips.
  • Lotion & Bath Products
  • Cups & Jugs, glass jars are really fun to use as drinking cups and people can break them if they want, who cares!

YES! I love glass jars.

WANT TO SEE SOME SHOCKING FOOTAGE that might set you straight? Watch this amazing comprehensive explanatory video Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch about Plastic Island, and also LA TIMES beautiful heart-wrenching coverage Altered Oceans, and here is a short video just to give you an idea of what the ocean looks like in places.

Switch back to glass. When possible, choose glass, recycled paper, or other biodegradable packaging options. With your money, you have power. It sends a message and will, on the long haul, help to make the world a healthier place for all.



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