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This is my lazy meal. I’m tired. I just need to eat. Before I knew I had to eat gluten free, I was already using this fast and easy soup recipe.

Before companies started labeling their food products as Gluten Free, I had to read the ingredients and figure it out for myself. These Thai Noodle soups have always been made with rice and tapioca flour, they have always been gluten free.

Now Thai Kitchen has altered their packaging to make it absolutely clear that this is a gluten free meal, which is really cool of them.

Obviously, water, spices, and noodles might fill you up, but it is not nutritious on its own, so you really ought to add some food to it, which is fast and easy.

Use 1 pack per person.

For a VEGAN meal, just cut whatever vegetables you like to small bite sizes, add to boiling water and spices before you add the noodles. The noodles soften in just one minute. Any longer and they become kind of gross. So don’t cook the noodles until you are satisfied with the texture of your vegetables. Of course put in your hardest vegetables first and soft things like spinach very last, so as to not over cook.

If you are not vegan, you can add chicken, fish, or thin beef slices if you want. Make sure it is boiled all the way through before adding the noodles.

The more food or water you add to this soup, the more you may want to add some salt and pepper.

Just 5 minutes and your meal is ready to eat!

My favorite flavor of Thai Kitchen’s Instant Rice Noodle Soups are this one pictured, the Thai Lemongrass & Chili. They have several other flavors as well.

This is super easy, very tasty, low cost, and depending on what you put in it, can be healthy too!


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