The Amazing Grace Breakfast: Eggs and Potatoes

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Your egg-eating sins are forgiven my friends!

An egg study by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that “people who ate two eggs per day, while on a calorie-restricted diet, not only lost weight but also reduced their blood cholesterol levels.” Interestingly, it added that “saturated fat in the diet (most often found in pastry, processed meats, biscuits and cakes) is more responsible for raising blood cholesterol than cholesterol-rich foods, such as eggs.”

Pastries,  biscuits, and cakes are made with white flour, white flour is made from wheat, and wheat is full of gluten!

Oh yes, that is right, foods full of gluten are more responsible for high cholesterol than eggs and other natural foods that are high in cholesterol.

If you want to reduce cholesterol, gas, and stomach pain, don’t cut out the eggs from your breakfast, cut out the toast, doughnuts, pastries, and processed foods!

Eggs might be good for you. Read this Health Diaries list with which I agree about the great qualities of eggs, such as reducing risk of breast cancer, maintaining good eyesight, and improving hair.


The Potatoes

Start by boiling a pot of water.

Rinse small potatoes and toss them into the boiling water.

My favorite kind of potatoes are Fingerlings that I get at Trader Joe’s.

Boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes until a fork easily penetrates them.

Strain the water from the potatoes.

Cut the potatoes into small bite sizes; careful not to burn yourself.

Heat a frying pan and add a thin layer of olive oil.

Toss in the cut potatoes.

Squeeze a half lemon or lime on the potatoes.

Sprinkle on lemon pepper, paprika, salt and pepper.

Fry the potatoes on medium, turning them until they are nice and crispy.

When the potatoes are done, shove them aside or take them out of the pan.

The Eggs

Please buy the healthiest eggs you can find. Look for words like Organic, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, and Cage Free. High production eggs are frightening. I prefer brown eggs for they look natural and taste richer.

[Note: Organic eggs seem to be ok for Endometriosis sufferers; continue to avoid meat (particularly the fat which stores toxic waste) and only have Organic milk products, but try to limit your intake of milk products as well. Endometriosis is gravely affected by cow and pig products and artificial hormones, making your escaped uterus cells reproduce in higher quantities in your lower abdomen, therefore making the pain massively increase when the cells break down at menstruation period time.]

These days, I like my eggs fried sunny-side-up or over-easy, which is not the healthiest or safest.

Crack open one or two eggs per person into the frying pan, using the same grease and flavor that is already there from cooking the potatoes.

When the egg whites look mostly cooked and the yoke is still gooey, for sunny-side-up, take them out and put on the plate. For over-easy eggs, flip the eggs for 1 minute, then remove.

If you want scrambled eggs, whip up with a fork one or two eggs per person into a bowl with a tiny bit of milk, salt, and pepper.

Pour the liquid eggs into the pan.

Keep shoving them around with the spatula until they are fluffy and cooked, then remove.

The healthiest way to eat eggs is to boil them.

To boil eggs, bring water to a boil, gently put in your shell-covered eggs with a spoon; water should be just at the top of the eggs so they don’t bounce around too much and crack. Reduce heat after water boils so that the water does not boil so hard it cracks the eggs. Add just enough heat to keep the water boiling lightly. Boil eggs for 10 minutes. Pour out hot water, replace with cold running water. When you can touch the eggs, crack and peel them. Slice into four and add a dash of salt and pepper for flavor.

To save on time, dishes, and water on hard boiled eggs, you can toss your raw shell-encased eggs in with the potatoes after 10 minutes of boiling, and boil together for the last 10 minutes. This is the fastest easiest way to make this breakfast. The potatoes also protect the eggs from cracking against the pot while boiling.

For poached eggs, also healthy, bring water to a gentle boil (no potatoes), gently crack your egg and drop into the boiling water. Let cook until white part is solid, then fish out the entire egg and place on the plate. This technique takes a lot of practice! You can also buy egg-poaching trays to make it much easier.

Eat and enjoy!


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