BBQ Baa Goat Cheese Chicken Salad

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If you have a propane barbecue set up in your yard or the camping version you can whip out, in 15 minutes, you can have this fast easy delicious barbecue lemon chicken goat cheese salad.

Take a bowl, put a thin layer of olive oil in it, some dashes of lemon pepper, salt, paprika, and basil. Stir it up. Set a breast of organic no-hormones-added, antibiotic-free, free-range chicken in it, flip it and soak it.

Put your barbecue on medium-high and cook that sucker.

While the chicken is cooking, rinse your lettuce and place them on the plate.

Chunk out some goat cheese and drop it on the salad.

Slice an avocado and add that to the plate.

Go outside and flip over the chicken on the barbecue.

Make your salad dressing: Squeeze a lemon or lime into a small seal-tight container or bowl. Add a table spoon of olive oil. Add some dashes of pepper, salt, basil, and paprika. Add a teaspoon worth of mustard. Stir or shake it up. (I use a tiny tupperware and shake it.)

Go get the chicken. Slice it up and add to the plate. Pour your dressing slowly over everything.

Et voila! An exquisite delicious lunch or dinner in no time at all! Fast, easy, gluten-free, and sooooo good!

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