Gluten-Free Man Meal 1 – Corn Sausage Apple

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In restaurants, the male gender dominates the kitchen as chefs and cooks, but let’s face it, if he ain’t gettin’ paid for it, he probably ain’t cookin’ it, and at home, women usually do the cooking.

Where do bachelor men fall, men who want to eat well but really aren’t into cooking and they don’t have a lady around to service ’em? Maybe they put their career, bar-hopping, or mating opportunities before nutrition. They get home late and leave early. A lot of bachelors don’t even have a table and chairs. They eat on their couch or bed. Maybe they don’t have a kitchen at all, just a microwave.

Cooking takes time, energy, ingredients, cookware, and thought.

If you aren’t cooking and you don’t have a lot of money to eat out, you probably aren’t eating all that well.

I’m going to introduce some easy and tasty meals that single people can make without too much effort. I’m going to call ’em Man Meals for fun, but of course, these are meals for anyone of any age and gender or marital status who just doesn’t have the patience, ingredients, or money to make spectacular meals.

These gluten-free meals are simple, well-rounded, and taste good.

Pictured here today is Man Meal 1.

Boil some water and toss an ear of corn in for 5 minutes. After you pull it out, you can flavor your corn with butter, salt, lemon, and/or parmesan cheese. If you don’t want to bother with fresh corn, you can also use canned corn, but realize that it is far less healthy and it costs more. You may want to choose canned corn if you are rarely home and fresh food tends to go bad before you can get to it. MICROWAVE ALTERNATIVE: You may microwave your corn for 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your microwave.

Put a gluten-free sausage in the frying pan on medium-low heat for about 4 minutes on each side. Turn it over when hot and browned on one side. When other side is browned, take it off. Trader Joe’s has lots of different types of healthy gluten-free sausages. Hot dogs are often gluten-free. Make sure to read the package! You want foods that you know what each ingredient means, nothing with weird long chemical sounding words. Try to get sausages with very few ingredients, organic when possible. MICROWAVE ALTERNATIVE: You may microwave your sausage for about 1-3 minutes.

Wash and cut an apple.

If you are a big man, increase the amount of sausages and corn to suit your appetite.

If you or your guest has a problem with gluten, do NOT drink regular beer! The CO2 carbonation and wheat, barley, rye elements will have your tummy tossing and farting.

Gluten-free alcohol beverages are wine, cider, potato vodka, and tequila.

And that’s it! So easy. It’s not a fancy or pretty meal, but it tastes great and gives you a perky mind and satisfied stomach. You won’t feel sick from all that processed food and flour. You can even serve it to a lady date and earn some respect for your thoughtful endeavor.


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