How To Make A Baked Chicken Feast Easy Affordable

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For a classic family meal that is easy to prepare of chicken, potatoes, and carrots, here is what you need and the directions for how to make baked chicken.

At Costco you can get big multiple packs of chicken breasts for cheap. Each adult eats 2-3 pieces, children 1. In the Costco packs are 3-4 breasts per pack, in a total of 6 packs. Whatever you don’t use, put in the freezer while still in its sealed pack. To defrost, set in a bowl of water at morning time.

You can either buy normal long carrots, wash, and cut them, or buy packaged small carrots, wash and they are ready to use.

You can use any size or type of potato. Wash and cut to bite size.

You may add any other vegetables you like. Pictured here, I have added cauliflower.


Preheat oven to BAKE 375.

In a long deep baking dish, put a thin layer of olive oil. Place in your chicken, then your vegetables. Squeeze or pour fresh lemon, lime, and/or orange juice all over everything. Dash salt and pepper evenly over everything. Put small squares of butter evenly on each piece of chicken and pack of vegetables. Cover entire dish with tin foil. Put in oven, mid level or top.

Cook 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Remove tin foil. Move the chicken to top and put vegetables underneath to soak up juices and flavor or into a serving bowl. BROIL 375 top of chicken to make crispy for 10 minutes or golden brown.

Remove from oven and serve. It is easy to make, gluten-free, and healthy for the whole family.

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