Gross It’s Green Soup

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Getting people to eat vegetables is hard enough; getting them to eat green slop is another challenge entirely. I tried to make it look somewhat inviting by adding some of its ingredients as decoration around the edges.

This zesty healthy soup is so easy to make. I love it, but I’ll admit that most people refuse it on the grounds of it being too healthy and gross-looking.

This soup is gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, vegan safe!

INGREDIENTS for 2 servings:

Spinach, 2 big handfuls

Broccoli, 6 little flower heads

1/2 Portabella Mushroom

3 dashes of Paprika

2 dashes of Garlic powder or 2 Garlic clove pieces

5 dashes of Salt

3 dashes of Lemon Pepper

1 table spoon of Olive Oil

Wash your veggies and put them in the blender.

Water: fill up 3/5 of the empty space in the blender with water

BLEND IT. Put your puree into a small stove top cooking POT.

ADD some sliced onions (they will be sweet by the end of this and add a nice texture) and squeeze in a lemon or lime for the kicker.

Bring to a BOIL.

After it boils, which will be a few minutes, bring heat to the lowest temperature; it will continue to bubble and boil. Stir every 5 to 7 minutes. Let cook 30 minutes.


I use 2 table spoons of butter; put it in the pot at the beginning.

In the place of 1/2 the water, sometimes I use gluten-free chicken broth. You may use vegetable broth to keep it vegetarian.

*Note that most chicken broth actually has wheat in it, so be careful what you buy! LOOK FOR GLUTEN FREE LABEL on chicken broths or vegetable broths.*

You may also exchange or remove any vegetables you don’t like for the ones you do like.


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