How to Make Organic Chocolate Popcorn

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One of my favorite movie snacks is Chocolate Popcorn. No popcorn is as good as Organic popcorn cooked in Organic Olive Oil.

Corn is naturally gluten free.

Problem these days is that most corn crops are controlled by big corporate conglomerates and the corn is genetically modified, which is something your body does not want.

Your body also does not want all the spooky ingredients in microwave popcorn.

If you must buy pre-packaged easy-to-make stuff, read the ingredients on all the products offered on the shelf in that section in your store; compare them against each other. Try to get foods that have the least ingredients and that you understand what those ingredients are. Some non-Organic products are most definitely better or worse than others, you will see.

What you want is to get Organic foods whenever possible.

If you don’t have a Whole Foods Market or maybe a Safeway (click to see their Organic and gluten free products), you can also buy Organic Popcorn in small or bulk quantities online through various outlets such as Eden Foods or Nuts Online.


Once you have your Organic Popcorn, put a thin layer of Olive Oil in a deep pot.Then put a thin layer of corn kernels, only 1 kernel deep. Once it starts popping, it will fill up the entire pot and then some, so be careful not to put too much.

Turn the heat on about medium. It will get hot fast.

Put a heavy lid, not a screen. With a screen, the grease splatters and burns you. Also, a screen is not heavy enough to hold in the exploding corn.

Make sure to occasionally crack the pot lid open for oxygen to enter and assist in the popping process. Give oxygen!

Move the pot in a smooth rotational motion. Keep the kernels moving around for most of the time. If you let the pot sit, you will quickly have a burnt pot and burned kernels.

This only takes a few minutes before the kernels start popping like crazy. After the pops are few and you have swiveled the pot around, quickly turn off the heat.

This whole old fashioned popcorn technique can become dangerous very quickly if you do it wrong. I have received many burns and burned many things!

Pour the popcorn into a big bowl or large container.


On the stove, heat up a 1/4 cube of Organic Butter, 1/2 cup of Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, and 2 tablespoons of Organic Milk.

To spice up the Chocolate Sauce, options you may add are: a touch of vanilla, some dashes of cinnamon, 2 spoons of sugar, pepper or salt.

Stir continuously until it is all melted.

Pour the chocolate sauce on the popcorn.

If you have a lid that fits over the bowl or container, shake it all up for a good minute so it spreads evenly.

Yummy, now enjoy!


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  1. admin says:

    Nancy — I am so glad you found my site. There will be sooooo much more information to come. Yes, the pain and confusion gluten causes to the body and mind is truly unlivable for many of us. I will put up a straight symptoms explanation post soon.

  2. Nancy says:

    HI, Just wanted to tell you I love your website,,,today I did a search on “celiac disease and feel like sh**” and your site was the first link! Ha…I love the name of your website too, how true! Thanks for making my day!


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